• Diana Wellness Club

    The Diana Grand Hotel Alassio offers a range of wellness facilities to pamper yourself and stay fit during your holidays. Book your massage, manicure and pedicure in advance, relax in the solarium,
    sauna and indoor pool with hydromassage. Fitness facilities are also available.
    lessons of pilates, tone-up or hydro-spinning.

  • Soul Steam 195 x 50

    In SoulSteam the steam bath, the shower and the cervical blade come together in the sign of maximum functionality, thanks to high performance technologies and compact dimensions. The materiality of ceramics, with a particular velvety effect, gives a sophisticated environment.

    Thanks to the professional direct-entry system, in just a few minutes the steam bath reaches a temperature of 43-45 ° C with a relative humidity of 98%. Even taking a shower becomes a unique experience that involves all the senses. Inspired by nature, the open-air rain effect gives to the dedicated taking care of itself a new dimension. Thanks to the mixer that regulates the temperature, the blade turns from a warm and vigorous cervical massage into a re-generating water cascade, particularly suitable to refresh the body after exposure to the high temperatures of the steam bath.

  • Therapeutic Massage

    • Massage performed by a specialized therapist who links together oriental and western elements based on the subject, working on the muscular and circulatory system, promoting physical and mental relaxation.

    Anti-stress massage
    • General body massage, aimed to stimulating venous circulation, training and relaxing muscle tension, toning tissues and counteracting psychophysical stress.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
    • Technique focused on light pressures to reactivate the natural systems of elimination of toxins and for a renewal of the lymph. It is perfect to reabsorb edema from trauma and improve the return circulation.

    Plantar reflexology 
    • Massage technique in which only the thumbs are used, works on some points of the foot to restore lost equilibrium, to prevent and treat many disorders and to maintain well-being.
  • Cold rain / Cold fog

    The Cold Rain program with its particular droplet jet is accompanied by a green LED light
    and the Ice Lemon flavor that gives firming, refreshing and energizing effects.

    The Cold Mist program with its particular spray jet of very fine drops is accompanied by a blue LED light and a cold mint aroma that gives a highly refreshed and invigorating effect. Cold fog due to its characteristics is the cold reaction that best matches with the baths of warmth and the Roman bath.

  • Ceiling icefall system with blue LED

    The Icefall program with the basin containing crushed ice, gives invigorating effects.
    Due to its characteristics, it is the cold reaction that best matches the heat bath of the
    Finnish sauna or steam bath.

  • Soul Sauna Spruce Savu

    SoulSauna updates the charm of Nordic culture, innovating traditional atmospheres.
    The spruce savublack version reinterprets the typical "Savusauna" or "SmokeSauna"
    where the absence of a chimney stains soot benches and walls.The internal stove recreates the principles
    of the Finnish sauna: temperature of 80-90 ° C and relative humidity of 10-20%.
    Thanks to the internal stove, it will be possible to perform the Aufguss ritual (steam jet).

    The scented water of essential oil, released on the hot stones of the stove, increases the humidity and creates an enveloping cloud of perfumed steam. A cascade of indirect light naturally illuminates the interior, enhancing the purity of wood for an enveloping effect. A diffuse and homogeneous glow with contrasts of light and shadow recalls the naturally illuminated saunas, where light filtered through small windows
    embedded in the walls.